COVID 19 and Electronic Drives

Due to the current ongoing pandemic, Beachside Recycling will not be hosting any Electronic Waste Drives until further notice.

Electronic Waste Recycling Events

Conducting an annual or even quarterly Electronic Waste Recycling Event is an important environmental service. It is essential that Electronics do not end up in a landfill for the reason that they contain a high quantity of hazardous materials, and these e-waste events play a huge roll in making sure that electronic waste is dealt with responsibly.


Beachside Recycling has been a certified Electronic Waste Collector with CalRecycle's state program since 2007. (CEW ID #: 127249)


In addition, our processors are all Certified R2 Recyclers and members of NAID (National Association and Information Destruction). All hard drives and information containing devices received from all consumers are handled per NAID specifications.

Feel free to contact us about e-waste drives, whether it be setting one up or finding out when the next one will be.